PM urges development partners to invest in rural economies

PM lays foundation of flat construction for slum-dwellers
PM lays foundation of flat construction for slum-dwellers

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday urged the development partners for investing in sustainable rural economies to ensure resilience to agricultural crisis.

“The development partners have to be a little more generous in order to eliminate poverty and hunger,” she said while delivering her keynote speech in the 41st Session of the IFAD’s Governing Council held at the Headquarters of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) with its president Gilbert Foussoun Houngbo in the chair.

The theme of the session was ‘From fragility to long-term resilience: Investing in sustainable rural economics’.

“We believe that in order to ensure resilience, investment in rural economy is a key factor. This, we believe, cannot be achieved without global partnership and cooperation,” PM Hasina said.

“A comprehensive sustainable rural economy requires investment in the development of the rural social fabric and climate resilience,” she added further.

Focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, the Prime Minister said, “Inclusive and sustainable rural transformation is the key to reaching the goals of poverty elimination, hunger elimination and leaving no one behind.”

Further adding that Bangladesh having over 160 million people, she said it is poised to achieve the SDG goals well ahead of 2030 and it estimates that poverty will be eradicated altogether by 2024.