No impunity for culprits, however powerful: CJ


Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha yesterday said no offenders, however big they may be, would get impunity.

“Some influential accused officials of the Rapid Action Battalion committed the gruesome seven murders with an attitude of impunity, which have stunned the nation. The offenders have been put on trial at the timely interference of the Supreme Court. People’s faith in the judiciary has increased as the trial of the case has been completed within the shortest possible time,” he said.

He made the comment in a message on the occasion of the second anniversary of his taking office as the 21st chief justice.

He expressed hope saying that though there is a little contradiction with the government about issuing a gazette notification on the lower court judges’ job discipline and conduct rules, it will be resolved soon.

“If the executive has any scope for interfering in the disciplinary issues of judges, there is a possibility of interruption in independently discharging judicial functions of judges of the subordinate courts. For the logical reason, a different discipline and appeal rules is indispensable and therefore a draft has been prepared,” he said.

He said the objective of separation of judiciary from the executive will be implemented if the judges are controlled by an independent conduct and discipline rules.

The chief justice said if implemented a full full-fledged conduct rules will take the judiciary to a higher level in future.

CJ Sinha said the media have been playing an important role in the judiciary’s development and implementation of its reforming activities by publishing and broadcasting timely reports.

“Journalism is a great profession and the media has been making contribution as the fourth pillar of the state. A good relationship between the judiciary and journalists is essential…,” he said.

The chief justice congratulated the press, journalists, the print and electronic media on behalf of the judiciary.