Hasan asks BNP to seek apology on last day of August for Zia’s involvement in Bangabandhu’s killing


Urging BNP to come out from the cycle of ill-politics, Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said on Monday BNP should seek apology to the nation on the last day of the month of mourning-August- for its founder Ziaur Rahman’s involvement in the assassination of Bangabandhu.

“I would like to say BNP to seek apology to the countrymen for Ziaur Rahman’s involvement in the history’s heinous assassination of Bangabandhu,” he said, addressing a discussion at the auditorium of Jatiya Press Club in the capital.

The information minister also urged BNP to shun the ill politics of patronising war criminals and communal forces.
NAP Bhashani organized the discussion marking the National Mourning Day with its chairman Mostaq Ahmed Bhashani in the chair.

Hasan said Bangladesh is now an example of development and progress before the world, set up through the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But, still now, a political party-BNP- is the main barrier on the way to development and progress and they do politics along with anti-liberation forces, he added.

He said it couldn’t be happened that the anti-liberation forces would do politics against the pro-liberation forces in the independent Bangladesh. “Political parties- both in the government and opposition- should belong to pro-liberation forces in the independent Bangladesh. But, we see that, BNP has not only opposed independence, rather JamaatIslami who did crimes against humanity in the Liberation War is the main associate of BNP,” he added.

He said BNP is the chief patron of the defeated forces in Bangladesh. This ill politics must be stopped forever, said Hasan, also AwamiLeague joint general secretary.

He said it could not be accepted that anti-liberation reactionary communal forces would do politics in the country. “We came out from the communal state of Pakistan to create a non-communal state. And it could not happen that communal forces would do politics in the country and BNP would patronise them,” he added.

The information minister said, “This is our pledge on the month of August to form a commission to unmask the plotters including Ziaur Rahman who were behind the scene of Bangabandhu killing and to bring those, who are alive, under justice. The other pledge is that we will execute the verdict after bringing back the fugitive convicted killers of Bangabandhu.”
AL leader Advocate BalaramPoddar, BangabandhuSangskritikJote general secretary ArunSarker Rana and BangabandhuGobeshonaParishadpresident Gani Mia Babul, among others, addressed it.