2 IGW, IIG cos asked to stop providing services after losing licences


The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has warned two companies, which licences for internet gateway operator and international internet gateway operator have been cancelled recently, not to give any services related to the licences.
The BTRC in a notification on Sunday also asked the companies and people concerned not to do any dealings with the entities — Apple Global Tel Communication and Integrated Business Systems Solution (Pvt) Limited — in regards to the services under the licences.
The IGW licence of Apple Global was terminated in November 2016 and the IIG licence of Integrated Business was cancelled in December 2016.
Providing any services under the licences will be considered as illegal and punishable offence under Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation Act, 2001, the notification said. According to BTRC officials, Apple Global’s licence was cancelled mainly for its long outstanding dues with the BTRC.
The dues of the entity were incurred from revenue sharing, annual licence fee, late fee and interest payment to the regulator.
Apple Global’s operation was initially suspended because of non-payment of the dues but the company later applied to pay the dues in instalments. The commission approved the operator’s application but the company failed to keep its promise. Finally, the commission cancelled its licence.
The BTRC in September 2013 blocked operations of 10 IGW operators but later allowed four of them to continue as they started paying dues in instalments.