Soya genetically modified food


In recent times soya has been much talked about and touted as the new big thing, especially for vegetarians.


However, studies indicate that the health benefits of soya may have been greatly exaggerated. It adds thickness, creaminess and bulk to processed food.


Doctors agree that eating soya on a daily basis may create health issues.


Marketed soya may be rich in phytates or phytic acid, which blocks absorption of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Soya is also full of trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an enzyme that we need to digest protein. Trypsin inhibitors interfere in protein digestion and cause pancreatic disorders.


Here are 4 reasons to avoid  soya products:


1. It is genetically modified: Soya crop is one of the most genetically modified food available for consumption, more than 90% by most estimates. This new trend of genetically modified food supply is one of the scariest development by mankind.


2. It’s bad for your Thyroid: Soya can depress thyroid function. Soya has been linked to thyroid cancer and to auto immune thyroid diseases too.


3. It is highly processed: If it is processed food, there probably is soya . This cheap ingredient makes it way to all packaged and canned food. Virtually tasteless, so it can improve texture, thickness and creaminess of goods. Most processed food is empty junk calories, you might as well eat cardboard.


4. It’s new to the food supply: Now this is another reason that soya is not the best food for us. Generally food which we have been eating for centuries, is healthier than food items added more recently.