Simple uses of leftover lemons

Simple uses of leftover lemons
Simple uses of leftover lemons

One of the most-used vegetables, but ignored most of the times are lemons. Here are four simple ways leftover lemons can be used to do things that are exceptionally amazing.

If you have utensils that have tough stains — for instance the bottom of the cooker that gets burned due to lack of water, your brass utensils that have lost shine with time. Simply leave lemon slices in boiling water and you can get rid of the stains in your cooker.

Rub lemon on your brass utensils and leave them for a while and then scrub them with your regular dish washing liquid.

Not known or used by many, the simplest way let your home and kitchen smell nice and refreshing is by planning lemons around your house. Also, you can rub lemon on your kitchen platform to get rid of any foul smell.

The best way to revive your whites is to soak them in lemon water for some time before washing them in your regular washing powder. In fact, it also helps you get rid of stains from your favourite white clothes. They help the fabric clean every possible dirt due to its acidic property and brings out its original white back.

Do you know why finger bowls at restaurants have lukewarm water dipped with a piece of lemon to wash your hands after the end of a sumptuous meal? Because of its acidic properties that helps get rid of oil and grease. In fact, you can simply rub lemon on your nails to get clean, white nails.