Nursing gains popularity in country


Once nursing was a neglected profession in the country. But over the times, world’s most female dominated profession is gaining popularity in Bangladesh for its bright prospect at both home and abroad.

Female students are choosing to build their career in nursing profession as it has been recognized officially and socially as dignified profession for serving the people.

In order to cope with gradually increased population, the country needs skilled nurses to provide quality healthcare services to the people.

The government decided to upgrade the status of nursing profession as well as provided higher education opportunity on nursing as part of the efforts of creating skilled healthcare professionals.

Parul Akhtar completed four-year diploma nursing course from Salimullah Nursing Institute. Now, she is working at Victoria General Hospital, Narayanganj. Parul Akhtar finds satisfaction and happiness by serving the people. She said, “Nursing is a noble profession. I have dedicated myself to provide services to the people through nursing profession,” she added.

Like Parul Akhtar, many female students are choosing nursing profession as a career as they find an opportunity to serve the people.

There are nearly 16 crore people in Bangladesh. It needs a large number of healthcare professionals to provide treatment facilities to the people. According to Bangladesh Nursing Council, alongside fulfilling local demand of
skilled nurses, Bangladesh can send huge number of efficient nurses to different countries, including Malaysia, Qatar, Canada and Australia.

At present, 6,350 nurses are working in 13 foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Libya and United Kingdom, in the world.

Health experts told BSS that healthcare sector needs skilled nurses as different kinds of infectious and non-infectious diseases have increased across the globe.

They said nursing, as a profession, should receive more recognition socially and financially in the country for its development. There is an acute shortage of nurses in the country and abroad. So, the government should
take steps to produce nurses who meet the international standard to catch the global market after fulfilling the country’s demand, they said

It also added that nursing is now considered as dignified profession in society as it is essential part in the healthcare system.

With enhancing financial facilities, the government has created different posts for nurses as per their education qualification as well as seniority.

According to health experts, quality higher education must for creating efficient nurses to improve standard of healthcare services. There are 43 government diploma-in-nursing colleges in the country while the number of
diploma in-nursing colleges at the private sector is 70.

Besides, the number of government BSc nursing colleges is 9 and 21 colleges at private sector, according to the nursing council.

The Health and Family Welfare Ministry sources said the government recruited nearly 10,000 nurses in 2016 aiming to remove manpower shortage problem in the health sector. The newly recruited nurses are working at different public hospital and health complexes in the country, the sources added.