Local ceramics leave customers awestruck


Ever been perplexed by the astounding number of choices at a supermarket? The hundreds of flower vases at the mall, or the myriad tableware to choose from?  To create an elegant and chic look for our table, choosing the right china is of utmost importance. To avoid a rather shabby look for our dining table, we have to opt for the finest and boldest ceramics because they light up our tables and give the entire household a vibrant look.

Ceramic manufacturers of our country have introduced a range of new designs in ceramic products to attract more local and foreign buyers at the month-long Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) 2017.

The products include showpieces, flower vases, dinner sets, dessert plates, salad bowls, ashtrays, cups and plates, rice bowls, coffee mugs, etc. The latest products are the biggest attractions for these stalls as they come with vibrant colours and designs that are quite spectacular. Out of the diverse collections, Turkey Rose, Batik Blue, Bubble Flower, Dahlia, Flurry and Luminoso are stunningly beautiful. From colourful, floral dinnerware to intricately engraved white dinnerware, beauty truly meets function in this collection of wares for table and home.

Proprietor of Mitu Traders, who has been in the ceramic business for the past 15 years said, “Bangladeshi ceramic products have a huge demand in both domestic and foreign markets. They are oven-proof and more durable and most customers prefer buying local products.”

Mitu Traders merged their business with Comilla Traders to participate at this year’s Trade Fair. Together, they are showcasing products from various companies, namely Monno and Shinepukur.

A sister concern of Beximco Group, Shinepukur Ceramics is one of the leading ceramic manufacturers of the country having two state-of-the-art units for producing porcelain and bone china tableware.

Monno Ceramics offers products in porcelain, new bone china, ivory china, and real bone china. The latest technology infused with the highest quality of raw materials from around the globe, they ensure the supreme quality of products and create timeless designs.

“Although the trade fair drew in a good number of visitors, sales were not satisfactory,” said one of the salesmen of Mitu Traders. However, they are hoping to get more responses from local and foreign visitors due to the products’ innovative designs.

“In Sha Allah, as the fair progresses our sales will shoot up,” he added.

DITF is a yearly programme which provides ample opportunities for the local producers to showcase their products to foreign buyers.

Due to the high maintenance required for silver ware, people are turning to ceramics table ware.  With the right choice of tableware you can create a classic yet modern look and set the mood for the evening. You can either create cosy, warm, inviting table settings or opt for elegant antique porcelain for fine dining.

Take your time and choose the piece that suits your taste. Indeed, our local manufacturers have done an amazing job and are just waiting to serve your ceramic product necessities. You just have to know where to look.

And if you are in a hurry, then go with the beautiful and versatile white dishes, because white is classic and will never let you down.