Healthy power shakes will help you

Healthy power shakes will help you
Healthy power shakes will help you

If you have a busy life where you hardly have time for a balanced diet, here’s help. Try out these power packed shakes that will not just keep you satiated for the day but will also increase your metabolism.

These drinks are loaded with fibre and minerals, and will take care of your nutritional requirements through the week.

A creamy rich start to your day that tastes super-delicious, Oats and Strawberry Milkshake is an easy-to-make shake recipe that office-goers can drink in the breakfast. Prepared using strawberries, oats, and milk, you can make this beverage recipe in just 5 minutes.

Vanilla Bean Milkshake is a delightful and refreshing shake recipe which you can quickly prepare for your family. Made with full cream milk, vanilla ice cream, vanilla beans and sugar, this drink recipe can be prepared for breakfast and brunches.

An amazingly delicious summer cooler, All Nuts Shake is a healthy drink recipe that you can make for your loved ones in morning. This shake recipe is prepared using milk, almonds, pistachios, black dates, and walnuts, and can be made in minutes.

Rich in protein and isoflavones, this shake recipe ups your immunity and also keeps the heart diseases and osteoporosis at bay. Soy Shake is made using soy milk, apple, sugar and is easy-to-prepare. Enjoy this fruity shake recipe in breakfast with your family and this will keep you full of energy during the day!

Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake is a delectable shake recipe prepared using banana, milk, pitted dates, peanut butter and honey. This yummy drink is a healthy recipe and provides an instant energy boost to you for the whole day!

Strawberry and Papaya Shake is a perfect breakfast drink made with skimmed milk, yogurt, strawberry, papaya, honey and ice cubes. It gives you the energy that you need in the morning. Try out this easy and extremely healthy smoothie recipe!