Sony patent reveals tech for wireless charge-sharing


The patent, published earlier this month, was uncovered by What A Future, and describes a method of sharing data and power between devices. And it’s not just phones that would benefit from such technology.

Sony’s looking at developing the method for TVs, computers, fridges, and various other IoT devices.

The whole thing is based on an antenna system, with each device using two antenna – one for wireless transfer of power and one for data transfer. It’s similar to NFC (Near Field Communication) which is used in numerous current smartphones to enable features such as wireless payments.

The patent goes on to detail how users would search for an antenna in the same way they would search for a Wi-Fi network. If there are more than two antenna found, the user would be able to choose which to receive power from and which to receive data from.

One interesting aspect is the technology would only allow a device to send power wirelessly if it was plugged into a wall socket – so users wouldn’t be able to top up their phone’s charge by stealing it from another device on battery power. This latest patent appears to be a developed version of an earlier application from back in 2014, which detailed a similar technology.

As such, it looks like Sony has been working on this project for some time, and has made progress in refining the wireless method. Of course, a patent application is by no means proof of a consumer product. There’s absolutely nothing to say this wireless transfer method won’t be scrapped by the company before its completed.

But it’s an exciting idea that could theoretically result in antenna-equipped power banks which plug into a wall socket and provide wireless charge to our smart home devices and phones.