Writ filed seeking stay on 11th parliamentary election

SC releases full verdict on scrapping 16th amendment
SC releases full verdict on scrapping 16th amendment

A writ has been filed with the High Court seeking a stay on the announced schedule of the 11th parliamentary election.

Eunus Ali Akond filed the writ with the bench concerned of the High Court on Sunday morning.

The HC bench of Mainul Islam Chowdhury and Mohammad Ashraful Kamal is likely to hear the writ anytime today, says the petitioner.

The petitioner also sought the issuance of a rule to declare the schedule as illegal as it was announced without dissolving the national parliament as well as a stay on the election procedure until the issue is settled.

The chief election commissioner, cabinet secretary, law secretary and four others were made respondents to the rule.

According to section 66 of the constitution, a person should be disqualified for election as or for being, a member, if a person holding any office of profit in the service of the republic or of a statutory public authority, the petitioner adds.

According to the constitution, he further said, those who enjoyed government perks and privileges could not contest any election. ‘Now ministers and MPs of the present parliament are enjoying government perks and privileges, and they are going to contest the election, which is contradictory to the constitution,’ he added.

Besides, if the election was held without dissolution of parliament, there would be two parliaments after the election, and the number of MPs would stand at 600. ‘But, according to section 65 of the constitution, the number of parliament shall be 300,’ he added.

Besides, according to section 123, the election should to be held after dissolution of parliament.