North Korea’s ‘lady in pink’ to announce the apocalypse


The 74-year-old Chun-hee is known as “the people’s broadcaster” in North Korea

Ri Chun-hee, also known as the ‘lady in pink’, is the most recognisable face on the North Korean Central Television.
She usually announces the country’s nuclear ambitions in her very loud and distinct voice.
According to the Guardian, Chun-hee made an announcement this week: “The test of a hydrogen bomb designed to be mounted on our intercontinental ballistic missile was a perfect success. It was a very meaningful step in completing the national nuclear weapons program.”
She soared with excitement while reporting North Korea’s “most powerful nuclear detonation.”
The 74-year-old Chun-hee is known as “the people’s broadcaster” in North Korea, and she prefers bright pink outfits. She typically dons the traditional Korean attire called Hanbok.
However, she has been seen in pink western-style suits with shoulder pads.
Her melodramatic delivery has reportedly won her the admiration of current leader Kim Jong-un.
Chun-hee was born in 1943 into a poor family in Tongchong in south-eastern North Korea. She joined KCTV in 1971, after finishing her graduation in performance art at the Pyongyang University of Theatre. She was later promoted as the chief news presenter in 1974. She previously managed to evade demotions and survived political purges over the next several decades that ended careers of many of her colleagues.
The state-run magazine, Chosun Monthly, published a Chun-hee’s profile in 2009 – reporting that the ‘pink lady’ lives a life of luxury with her husband, children and grandchildren in Pyongyang.