Ershad, wife have over Tk 26.48 crore in cash

Ershad proposes formation of an interim government
Ershad proposes formation of an interim government

Deposed military dictator and Jatiya Party (Ershad) chairman HM Ershad, who faces several corruption charges, in his affidavit submitted to the Election Commission declared that he and his wife Raushan Ershad have over Tk 26 crore in cash.
Ershad himself has Tk 28,53,998 in cash while wife Rawshan has Tk 26,20,29,233 in cash, he showed in the affidavit.
A special envoy of prime minister Sheikh Hasina, Ershad’s wife Rawshan is the leader of the opposition and senior co-chairperson of JP (Ershad)
In a separate affidavit submitted to the EC, Rawshan declared that she had Tk 50,00,000 in cash.
In her affidavit she did not show cash with her husband though said it was attached.
Ershad submitted nomination papers for Dhaka 17 and Rangpur 3 constituencies while Rawshan for the Mymensigh 4 and Mymensingh 7 constituencies.
Ershad also declared he deposited another Tk 37,69,046 in eight accounts with four banks while his wife deposited Tk 74,89,713 in two accounts with two banks.
In her own affidavit, Rawshan said she deposited Tk 25,70,29,233 in her bank accounts and said that the deposits of her spouse was attached.
In the affidavit, Ershad said he had shares worth Tk 44,00,10,000 while his spouse had shares worth Tk 50,000.
Rawshan declared she owns shares worth Tk 88,34,297 and attached her husband’s in the affidavit.
Ershad said he has Tk 9,20,00,000 as fixed deposits with banks and deposited Tk 9,00,000 with pension schemes while his wife has fixed deposts worth Tk 3,02,92,500 with banks and savings certificates worth Tk 6,00,00,000, invested Tk 4,38,34,517 with savings schemes and other investments worth Tk 75,00,000.
In her own affidavit Rawshan declared that she had fixed deposits worth Tk 60,00,000 with banks and declared that she attached documents about deposits of her husband.
She owns 100 bhori of gold worth Tk 1,25,000 and three cars said Rawshan in her affidavit.
Ershad owns three other cars, according to his affidavit.
Ershad does not own any land but owns a shop and three apartments located at Baridhara, Gulshan and Banani.
Rawshan owns 1.3175 acre of land but did not declare where she also owns two apartments and a house, according to her affidavit.
Rawshan has no loans but Ershad owes Tk 2,32,04, 635 he borrowed from two banks, according to their separate affidavits.
Ershad is accused in six corruption cases, two under trial while the proceedings in four cases were stayed.
He was convicted in a corruption case, got acquittals in 14 other cases while charges were dropped in six cases.
He was not charged in four other cases, one case was disposed and another case was withdrawn.
As PM Hasina’s special envoy Ershad draws annual salary of Tk 19,04,696, Tk 12,60,000 as annual emoluments as MP, Tk 74,71,010 annually as a member of a bank’s governing body and annual profit worth Tk 2,06,500 from his business.
As an MP, Rawshan draws annual emolument of Tk 12,60,000, annual house rent from tenants to the tune of Tk 12,49,104 and dividends to the tune of Tk 88,34,297 from the shares she owns.
She faces no corruption cases.