Don’t know when we’ll learn: Sakib


Bangladesh skipper Sakib al Hasan insisted that raising quality of the players is the only way out for the side after they suffered an embarrassing 224-run defeat to minnows Afghanistan in Chattogram on Monday.

Bangladesh became the first side to lose to 10 different opponents in Test cricket with the loss that came after five days of capitulation both in batting and bowling.

‘If we want to play more consistently, we need to improve the quality of the players,’ Sakib told reporters in Chattogram after the match.

‘We need more quality players. Otherwise, we will get result with advantage or favour.’

Bangladesh were hoping for some favour from rain to avoid the humiliation on the final day and almost escaped from the defeat when only seven minutes of play was possible in the first two sessions.

Bangladesh needed to survive only 18.3 overs in the final session with four wickets in hands but none could show the necessary determination to bat out overs and seal the day as they were all out for 173 runs in the second innings with 20 balls left in day’s play.

Sakib marked their team’s performance zero out of 100 and took the blame on his shoulder after he got out in the first ball of last session attempting a mischievous cut shot.

‘It’s difficult to explain about the others but I can explain mine. Because I got out on the first ball, that made the situation more difficult,’ said Sakib.

‘The responsibility is mostly on me. I should not have played the cut shot, the ball did not merit for that shot but I played it and the team went under more pressure because of that.

‘Because I was at the wicket, I had more responsibility to play the main role. If I could do it, dressing room would feel more comfortable and we could draw the match. Because I got out on the first ball, the work became more difficult for the team,’ he added.

Sakib said that the performances of their players defined that they didn’t have the ability to stand up in such circumstances and he hoped that they would from learn their mistakes soon.

‘If we had that ability we could show something good… I think a player who played cricket for only one day, even would understand that it was out [Mehedi’s dismissal]. If he did not take that review, Taijul could use it and it could help us more. Taijul batted well in the first innings and defended well.’

Mehedi wasted Bangladesh’s last review denying Taijul a chance to use it after he was erroneously given leg-before out.

Sakib also questioned the game sense of Soumya who once took an unnecessary single to expose last batsman Nayeem Hasan.

‘Like Soumya, he put his hand on his head after taking that run, it means he doesn’t understand what he needs to do, what is his role,’ said the Bangladesh captain.

‘These things are need to be learnt and gather experience. And how many days it will take to learn, not easy to say,’ he added.

Sakib said that he found no shame in their defeat against Afghanistan although he was disappointed with the way they conceded the defeat.

‘I don’t think it was disgrace for us. It is disappointing of course,’ he said.

‘It is definitely hard to accept (the result). This is disappointing. Because we had four wickets and we had to play one hour and ten minutes.’