Tanjin Tisha’s new TV ad


Promising model and TV actress Tanjin Tisha has been stepping forward this year with having new more plans. As a part of its continuation, in the beginning of New Year Tisha has performed as a model in a TV commercial of a product of a multinational company. She worked in a TVC of a powder which has been made by Sonok Mitra. Already its shooting has been done in Kolkata recently.
Tanjin Tisha informed that shooting of the TVC was done indoor and outdoor in Kolkata. Actor Siam Ahmed worked with her as co-model in the TVC. After taking part in shooting of the TVC, Tanjin Tisha has already returned to Bangladesh.
While sharing her feelings about her performance in the TVC Tisha told this correspondent, “Earlier I had worked under Sonok Mitra Dada’s direction. I have always good experiences to work with him. His full unit is as like a family. So I can work without any hesitation in his works. Concept of the new TVC is nice. So I have enjoyed a lot to work. I hope after airing viewers will like the TVC.”
Meanwhile, in the beginning of New Year, Tanjin Tisha also acted in a faction play titled Naam Jana Poth. Therefore, within very short days she will also act in a play under Khalid Hossain Samrat’s direction. Though last year she acted in a serial but this year she has no plan to act in any drama serial till now. In fact, Tisha has mentioned this year will be one of her mentionable years.
It is noted that under Sonok Mitra’s direction Tanjin Tisha first performed as a model in a TVC of Sohana TV. Later she also performed in several numbers of works including TVC of Ranga Pori.