Sumaiya Shimu after a break


During the election of recent Actors Unity and while taking part in WE arranged a special
programme on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, popular TV actress Sumaiya Shimu had to face such questions like when she returned to Bangladesh or why she quitted acting.
After hearing these types of questions, Shimu became astonished because she did not quit
acting or did not leave country.
Many persons did not now that Shimu lost her father M Atiar Rahman in last August. He was sick for many days. At last his condition
deteriorated that Shimu stopped acting to see her father. During that time Shimu did not have contact with any person related to media. After deceased of her father she also detached from
acting.  For this reason, many persons thought either Shimu was staying outside the country or she quitted acting. But after a break, Sumaiya Shimu has returned to acting.
Besides acting in Amlan Biswas directed an ongoing serial titled Shunyota, Shimu has already finished shooting of two factions plays recently. These are: Iftekhar Ifti’s Rupali Sutoi Buna Bhalobashar Ghor and Sohag Kazi’s Expiry Date. Mir Sabbir acted against Shimu in these
two plays.
While sharing her feelings to return acting again Shimu told this correspondent, “In fact, when my father became sick I could not concentrate to my works. After his death overall
condition of my family was not good. So
I couldn’t work. Right now overall situation became well. So I again become regular in acting. Stories of two plays where Sabbir was my co-actor are really good. I am very much optimistic
about these two plays.”
Meanwhile, within very short days viva-voce
of Shimu’s PhD will be held. If everything remains well she will obtain the PhD degree soon. As an actress, Shimu has acceptability to the
viewers. After obtaining the degree she will get more acceptability to the civil society also.