Sharon Stone not looking for love


Actress Sharon Stone says she is not looking for love and would rather let romance happen naturally.

The 59-year-old actress, who has previously been married twice, says searching for love does not necessarily mean she is going to find it.

“I don’t think that looking (for love) is finding. I really feel that there’s a propinquity to a way that love comes into people’s lives.

There’s a certain magic to it,” Stone says.

The actress says she gets enough love from her children and is in no mood to be with a man, who cannot step up for her.

“I have so much love with my kids…I am OK with that, because it’s much more interesting to me to have a real and true love, and a real and true relationship with my friends and family, than a pretend relationship with a man that doesn’t have what it takes to step up,” she said.