Ranveer Singh receives his first award for Padmaavat


Ranveer Singh has delivered an overwhelmingly impressive performance in his latest release, Padmaavat. Film after film, he is delivering a performance better than the last.

His acting prowess has gotten the validation from the megastar Amitabh Bachchan himself.

When Ranveer reached home on Tuesday, a sweet surprise awaited him. A hand-written note and flowers from the superstar of the millennium. He tweeted a picture of the bouquet and wrote “Mujhe mera award mil gaya”. Certainly this fond act of appreciation races ahead when it comes to any award. As for the contents of the note, it a personal communication between the two actors that should rightly remain between them. But you should know that Ranveer will not be keeping the note at his place but will get it framed and send it to his bank locker. He has made us privy to this practice in an earlier interview.

This won’t be the first time Big B has sent out handwritten notes and flowers to the actor. In 2015, when Amitabh was smitten by Ranveer’s performance in Bajirao Mastani, he sent out a handwritten letter to him.

Ranveer said that, “I got my first award this morning! Mr Bachchan sent me a letter! I find it difficult to express in words what that means to me. I have such a deep connect with Mr Bachchan and admiration. He’s sent me a few notes for some of my performances, every time I get a hand written letter, I frame it and it doesn’t even stay in the house. It goes directly to my bank locker. That’s how much value I have for it. So my trophies are kept on display in the house and his letters, my most prized possessions are locked up in the bank account.”

Padmaavat has minted over Rs 100 crore at the box office in its opening weekend. Talking about the grand success and box office collections, Ranveer said in a statement, “As an artiste, I feel fulfilled. Honestly, it’s a relief to be validated in this way. It’s overwhelming and humbling to witness the kind of reaction that the film and my performance has received.”