JACKY ALAMGIR An actor of 700 films


He is Jacky Alamgir, one of the reputed actors in country’s film industry. He is known to all as a comedian in the big screen. To watch him, viewers love to laugh. Jacky loves to entertain the viewers.
While talking about his career Jacky told this correspondent, “Very few persons can entertain the viewers through comedy acting on the screen. By my acting I can entertain them (viewers). As an actor, I love it. I want to continue till my death. Because I believe acting is my life, my heart.”
Hailed from Barisal Jacky Alamgir’s original name is Alamgir Hossain. When he first acted in late noted director Shahidul Islam Khokon’s movie Rokter Bondi Khokon changed his name. Later he acted all the movies directed by Khokon. Not only this, he also acted all the movies directed by Kazi Hayat.
According to Jacky Alamgir, he has acted till now more than 700 movies since 1982. Loraku, Bojromusthi, Aammajaan, Prem Diwana, Kabuliwala, etc are his acted mentionable movies.
Born on October 3 in 1954, Jacky first attached with theatre group Aronnyok. Later he engaged himself with another group TorongoAnwar’s Novotheatre. Under the banner of this group he acted in plays like Nil Nogori, Sagor Sencha Manik, etc. His scripted play Dui Bua’r Jhogra was directed by late comedian Dildar. His scripted another play Grihokormi was made by Ahmed Sharif.