In new Avengers 4 tease, Jeremy Renner says Hawkeye is suiting up again


After staying silent for months, Jeremy Renner has finally expressed his own desire to return as Hawkeye. In a new post on Instagram, Renner talked wrote about how Hawkeye is ‘suiting up’ for his friends.

“Got this feelin I need to SUITup soon,” he captioned a photo of him from Captain America: Civil War. He also used a few hashtags to his post—#comingINhot #missmyfriends #lovemyfamily #marvelous #hawkeye #nestunknown—that may or may not indicate his own feeling at the moment.

Renner was nowhere to be seen in the recent Marvel juggernaut, Avengers Infinity War. Clint Barton was said to have made a deal with the authorities to be with his family and keep them safe.

However, Renner was seen at shoot locations for Avengers 4 a few months ago and theories suggest that he will join the heroes after the events of Avengers Infinity War. His family might have been killed due to the snap of Thanos’ fingers and it will make him want to take revenge or work with the heroes to reverse what has happened.

Marvel recently showed footage from the Avengers 4 to a select few people at a special event in June. Fans were expecting the studio to premiere footage from Captain Marvel and reveal the title for Avengers 4 but Marvel chief Kevin Feige treated fans at the ongoing CineEurope event in Barcelona to exclusive previews from both films.

A Reddit post said that fans were shown an exchange between Iron Man and Ant-Man, in which they were discussing a new piece of technology that would enable the Avengers to “go to multiple realities and collect the Infinity Stones.”

Avengers 4 is scheduled for a May, 2019 release. The film will serve as a conclusion to the current iteration of the MCU.

(Hindustan Times)