‘Game Of Thrones’ characters get epic wardrobe makeovers for season 7


Winter is coming, and that means the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast is getting a whole new set of costumes. We’ve got the first look at your favorite characters’ epic wardrobe makeovers for their seventh season.

Baby it’s cold outside, and that means new duds for Game of Thrones cast as they enter winter in their penultimate seventh season. All of our favorites on the show will be sporting wardrobe makeovers and HBO has just released the teaser photos of how everyone looks in their new costumes. We’re going to be seeing a lot less skin, but oh man are the new outfits beautiful.


Daenerys Targaryen looks so commanding in her new dark gray robed coat that features a striking burgundy cape attached by a chain across her chest. Gone are her light-colored warm weather gowns and fierce brown leather tank that she’s worn in past seasons. Her costumes have become so iconic that they’re a top seller each Halloween, as who wouldn’t want to be the fierce Mother of Dragons?

Queen Cersi

Queen Cersi looks regal and forceful — not to mention well recovered from her naked march of shame — in a heavy black gown featuring gray and silver embellished shoulders and a high neck. Her simple silver crown completes her regal look and it even looks like there are spikes coming out of the top of her collar!

Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark is definitely ready to brave the chill in a black cape with heavy fur covered shoulders and a giant silver ring to keep it closed on her chest. A dark gray patterned top clings tightly to her chest while younger sister Arya Stark has probably the least of a departure from previous costumes. She looks tough as ever in a fitted brown leather jacket with a cape and carrying her sword with such a fierce look on her face!

Jon Snow

Both Jon Snow and Bran Stark also feature heavy fur capes so it looks like they will be spending a lot of time outside. Other males characters featured include Jaime Lannister, who looks like the sexy beast that he is in a tight black leather jacket with dramatic buttons up the front, while brother Tyrion is seen in a grey and black wool striped shirt with a high neck.

Bran Stark