Agnila- Siam Ahmed


In acting, Agnila Iqbal is not available. Though she was confirmed to act in a special play on the occasion of last Valentine’s Day but she couldn’t manage time to work. This time promising director Mizanur Rahman Ariyan has casted Agnila to act in his directed Eid special telefilm titled Tomar Aamar Prem. For the first time, promising TV actor Siam Ahmed will work with her in this telefilm. For the first time, viewers will enjoy the chemistry between Agnila and Siam on the screen. Shooting of the telefilm is going on in the city’s Uttara area now.
This telefilm like as a film based telefilm. For this reason, it is titled as Tomar Aamar Prem. Agnila and Siam are acting in roles of Orthi and Jibon respectively.
While sharing her feelings to work in this telefilm Agnila told this correspondent, “I have liked the script of the telefilm. Therefore, I saw very cordialness of Ariyan’s full unit in the shooting. Everybody is cooperating us. So I am enjoying a lot. It is my first work with Siam. He is very much cooperative. I hope it will become a nice work.”
Siam shared his feelings by this way, “Agnila is really a person of different typed. She is a nice person. She never talks any unnecessary words during shooting. In front of camera she looks lovely and beautiful. I am really glad to get the opportunity to work with her. I will give thanks to its director for giving me a scope to work under his direction in such a nice telefilm.”
Director Ariyan informed that the telefilm will be aired in any satellite channel in Eid.
In January, Agnila was last seen to perform as a model in a TVC directed by Redoan Roni. She does not have any interest to be regular in acting.
On the other hand, Siam was last seen to act in Imraul Rafat directed a serial titled Torun Turkey. Now he will not work in any TV serial. Siam’s present interest is to act in special days’ plays and telefilms. Recently Siam performed with Tanjin Tisha in a TVC of a multinational company under Sonok Mitra’s direction which will be aired soon in different satellite channels.