Two surrender from Savar militant den

File � In this Saturday, July 2, 2016 file photo, Bangladeshi soldiers ride armored vehicles as they prepare to raid a restaurant where armed gunmen took hostages in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Police in Bangladesh denied Saturday, July 16, that they're still holding anyone rescued during this month's bloody attack on a restaurant by radical Islamists, saying they've questioned and released two former hostages reportedly missing since the attack. Human Rights Watch said all of the hostages except for Hasnat Karim, a British national, 47, and Tahmid Hasib Khan, a student at the University of Toronto, 22, were released by authorities on July 3. (AP Photo/File)

Two militants surrendered from the suspected Ashulia of Savar militant hideout, which was cordoned off by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) members early on Sunday.

RAB Media Wing Director Commander Mufti Mahmud Khan told reporters: “Two militants have already surrendered but two others are still inside the house.”

Shots were fired at the law enforcers after they surrounded the house in Noyarhat’s Chourabali neighbourhood around 1am.

RAB spokesman Mufti Mahmud Khan said they believe more than one militant holed up inside the building.

Final raid preparations are underway after members of a RAB special force and a bomb disposal unit arrived on Sunday morning. The ‘militants’ inside the building have been ordered to surrender.

Five rounds of shots were fired by the ‘militants’ inside the house when they became aware of the RAB presence, reports stated. They began firing again around 6am and also threw a few explosives. RAB personnel returned fire.

RAB officials have ordered the militants to surrender using their megaphones, but instead they hurled abuse at the law enforcers and let off a few shots.

The building’s owner, Ibrahim, was detained and questioned. RAB officials say that a man named Azad, who identified himself as a garment worker, had rented the house two months ago.

A police team from the Ashulia police station is also on the scene.