Two ‘extremists’ killed in Basila raid


At least two suspected extremists were killed in an explosion after members of Rapid Action Battalion cordoned off a corrugated sheet roofed house at Basila in Mohammadpur area of Dhaka on early Monday.

Benazir Ahmed, RAB director general, confirmed the deaths while talking to reporters during his visit to the spot.

‘They were undoubtedly extremists… RAB had to fire 150 rounds of bullet to bring the situation under control,’ said the RAB DG.

When the bomb disposal unit entered the house, they found scattered body organs at the house and three legs.

Earlier on secret information, a RAB team cordoned off the house, ‘Metro Housing’, at Basila around 3:30am, said RAB’s Legal and Media Wing director Mufti Mahmud Khan.

He said sounds of gunshots and a big explosion were heard from the house at around 4:45am and the roof of the house was blown away in the blast. Later, the team opened fire from a safe distance, Mufti Mahmud added.

A bomb disposal unit and special force members also joined the RAB team.

Besides, the team detained three people, including caretaker of the house, for interrogation.

Now the law enforcers are trying to see the situation inside the house through a drone camera.