I was forced to leave country Sinha tells BBC


Former chief justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha in an interview to BBC Bangla said that he was forced by the government to leave the country.
In a radio programme titled Prabaha broadcast Wednesday evening, Justice Sinha said that the government did it in an organised way.
In the interview, available on its web version, Justice Sinha, staying in the United States, explained the circumstances what he said compelled him to leave Bangladesh on October 14, 2017 following a Supreme Court verdict declaring the 16th amendment to the constitution illegal.
He said that during his ‘complete house arrest’, an intelligence agency chief visited his official residence and asked him to leave the country.
‘I told him that I would not follow the direction until I have a discussion with the prime minister. He replied that the prime minister was not interested to talk to me,’ Justice Sinha recalled.
He said that four of his colleagues, Supreme Court Judges, told him that they would not sit in the bench with him as the president informed them that there were some serious allegations against him.
‘When I was the chief justice, why my subordinates were called by the president and informed about allegations against me in my absence,’ justice Sinha asked in the interview.
He added that the government plotted this with the help of the intelligence agency while he was in Japan on a tour.