Behula Bhasan: A tale of trust, devotion and loyalty


Members of Chintak Theatre, a Gaibandha-based theater troupe, were greeted with a continuous round of applause as they staged the dance drama Behula Bhasan depicting a tale of trust, devotion and loyalty at National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Friday.
Directed by Soma Giri, the dance drama was staged as part of International Theatre Institute’s founding anniversary celebration programme.
The dance drama drew a large audience.
Performers donning gaudy costumes glittering in well-managed lighting captured the attention of audience immediately after the drama began.
They danced to popular folk and traditional tunes as the hour long play commenced with an announcer narrating the story.
Behula Bhasan, based on medieval Bengali epic Manasamangal, is a story about loyalty, devotion and trust.
The journey that Behula undertook on a rickety raft with her husband’s dead body was a fight against injustice. During the journey Behula overcame all obstacles to reach heaven and convinced god to bring her husband back to life.
Behula’s husband died from snake bite being victim of wrath of Manasa, a goddess, as she was not worshipped by Chandshadagar, the father of Behula’s husband Lakhindar.
Manasa could not stand Chandshaudagar’s denial to worship her and made sure that all his seven sons died of snake bite. Lakhindar was the last of his seven children.
Audience cheered repeatedly when Behula appeared on the stage in the happy sequence of marriage.
They loved watching performers playing the roles of snakes. The performers, twisting and curving their bodies, mimicked the movement of a snake slithering away.
The set design was innovative. Krishna Kumar Chaki, as the set designer, wonderfully created sequences like Behula stepping on the raft with her husband’s body to begin her epic journey and ambience of a rough sea using white drapes.
The ITI anniversary programme ended on Saturday with the staging of Gazir Gaan.